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My current main Band. It’s most of the people I played with in my previous band Fully Recovered.
We are playing rock covers from the 70s til more recent songs.

We try to also make videos of our gigs, or just a song we like to play, so we also have a growing list of videos on Youtube.


When the Corona Pandemy caused the need to stay at home. Making music was hard at that time. So I was searching for other who want to record some music.
We decided on a song, prepared some computer generated tracks, so everybody could practice and record his stems.


A cover band I played with. I had my first gig in the Kilians in munich. After a longer break it was nice playing again regularely.


My goal was, to create video casts on Java themes, inspired by railscasts.com. In the end, I didn’t do more videos, as there was quite some effort involved in creating them. I mostly didn’t like the effort to the vocal part, and especially synchronization between audio and video. I now use different video software, so it might work better now, but I don’t have that much drive to make new videos.