When the Corona Pandemy caused the need to stay at home. Making music was hard at that time. So I was searching for other who want to record some music.
We decided on a song, prepared some computer generated tracks, so everybody could practice and record his stems.

Once everything was recorded, it was mixed and put online. We recorded 22 songs in this time.

After the corona restrictions were lifted again, we just finished the open songs and stopped the recording, but I started some life-recording sessions. Instead of recording everbody on it’s own, we were meeting in a rehearsal room and recorded one song per month, this time, we also recorded a video.
We recorded 8 Songs/Videos.

After the project requested some effort (preparation, mixing, video production), I was happy to end it after 9 months. Thanks to everybody who participated in the project. I especially way happy to be able to record music with my brother, though we don’t have that many things we do together.
I think we made some good recordings.


Home-Recording during the Corona Epidemie & Meetup for video recording.

Started: December 2020
Ended: February 2023
More Information: https://dullcovers.eu/
Tags: Music Recording Video Covers Meetup